Seafarers’ House chose CoreStrategies as our partner for laying the groundwork for a solid development program; long-term plans for establishing an endowment and launching a capital campaign for new facilities. At every turn, the team members at CoreStrategies were strategic, smart, creative and patient in their work with us. They helped our entire team from staff to board members see the value of putting in the work and time on everything from developing comprehensive gift policies; to reworking staffing and board structures; and refreshing our vision of the future. We have come to consider them trusted colleagues and continue to be grateful not only for the impressive combination of skills the collective group brings to their work, but for the high emotional IQ and insightful counsel that is born of just the right combination of intelligence, experience and empathetic hearts. With our endowment established, our new development structure in place and our capital campaign well on its way, we know we made the right choice!

Lesley M. Warrick

Executive Director, Seafarers' House at Port Everglades

CoreStrategies for Nonprofits, Inc. deftly guided my organization through 18 months of careful listening, thinking, and dialoguing exercises. The Lowe Art Museum emerged from this very thorough process with not only a clear sense of its unique identity but also updated Mission, Vision, and Value Statements that provided a strong foundation for our new Strategic and Organizational Plans. Along the way, we—with the guidance and engaged support of CoreStrategies Founding Principal Terrie Temkin— took the necessary time and care to engage a range of stakeholders (both internal and external to the campus of our parent organization, the University of Miami), thereby ensuring that our planning was as broad as it was deep. We now face the future with renewed confidence and energy, driven by a refreshed clarity of purpose, which I attribute in large measure to the comprehensive consultative services provided by Terrie and her team.

Jill Deupi, J.D., Ph.D.

Beaux Arts Director and Chief Curator, Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami

CoreStrategies has undertaken a number of marketing, strategy, research, board development and search projects for us in the last five years, as we established a US arm of our international program. The team’s ability to focus on the core issues of each project, collect and collate supporting information, and steer us in the right direction has been invaluable to us, as was their skill in finding our national executive director. It is also vitally important that we have faith and trust in our external consultants as we frequently share sensitive and confidential information with them. Terrie, Robyn and Gail have our respect and trust and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

Lindamaria Ortega Franco

International Development, Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Terrie and Gail were a pleasure to work with in our Executive Director search. They were always in easy reach for any questions and concerns that we had as they guided our board through the process. They used their extensive contacts in the non profit world to provide us with a strong list of candidates. And best of all, thanks to their help, we reached a successful conclusion!

Sherry Tropin

MCCJ Board Chair

CoreStrategies for Nonprofits is expert not only in governance structures and non-profit management, but also the intersection of leadership and innovation. They sought to understand our organization, specific strategic goals, and what was required to meet future objectives. Our work with CoreStrategies for Nonprofits increased our organizational capacity and equipped us to manage future growth.

Meghan Gutierrez

Chief Executive Officer, Lymphoma Research Foundation

My colleagues and I have thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to work with CoreStrategies' partner Dr. Terrie Temkin on a complex board development project for Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Terrie brings impressive theoretical and practical mastery of this subject to the table, and we have found that our time with her is as illuminating as a graduate-level seminar on board development--though likely more enjoyable! Throughout the process of our collaboration, Terrie has been creative and pragmatic; she has consistently challenged us to think in new ways about the composition, role and operation of our board, while comfortably and helpfully adapting her views to suit our unique organizational context. She is a talented writer and editor of all the essential board documents, who enthusiastically and reliably assumed responsibility for this time-consuming aspect of our project. In addition to being an insightful thought partner from whom we have learned so much, Terrie Temkin is an absolute pleasure to work with--she is warm and congenial, and she has shown a generosity with her time that is rare among any consultant let alone one of her accomplishment and caliber.

Dr. Joel M. Hoffman

Executive Director, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

It's been a pleasure working with Gail and CoreStrategies. She achieved all deliverables on time and in comprehensive fashion. We now have what I refer to as the Bible of Development Plans. Thank you for all your good work, enthusiasm and counsel.

Jacob Schreiber

Chief Executive Officer, Goodman Jewish Family Services of Broward County

Gail has been terrific. She got us to focus on the things that were important in spite of ourselves!

Judge Judith C. Chirlin (LASC-Ret’d)

Executive Director, Western Justice Center

Gail, thank you again for your graceful and effective leadership of our Board Retreat on Saturday. We believe it hit the mark for what we were hoping to accomplish, which was to have our board leave inspired, and to start reflecting on how can collectively create our thriving future.

Liliane Ribeiro

Director of Development, MUSE/IQUE

Robyn, I just wanted to thank you for your great presentation at the Eau Palm Beach last week for the Leadership Academy. It was not only informative, but very fun. You are such an engaging and charismatic speaker; it was such a pleasure. Your session was my favorite part of our meeting, and I learned so much. I hope they continue to include you in the Leadership Academy sessions in the future.

Lindsay Hanson

Supervising Attorney, Children's Legal Services - Circuit 3, Department of Children and Families

Robyn, I want to thank you for speaking at our first FIT workshop on Thursday. You did an amazing job! Our members are truly appreciative of the subject matter and your delivery of the information was exceptional. We will keep in touch in regards to future engagements. Thank you.

Jennifer Lister

Membership Services, Non-Profit Insurance Services

Our research project involved a number of diverse stakeholders and we wanted their unfiltered and detailed input on our engagement with them. Terrie listened closely to our needs and put together a survey and process that was very well received by these individuals. The result was a comprehensive report with multiple valuable takeaways that we were immediately able to put into action. Her organized, detailed approach to the project was much appreciated and throughout the several months we worked with her she was focused, on-track and timely.

Mary Chance

President, Consortium of Florida Education Foundations

Robyn, thank you for lending your time and expertise to our recent education summit. Your participation on the Models of Success panel provided our participants with excellent information and added to the value of this important discussion. Your support of the Foundation and this event are truly appreciated.

Tracey Lowe

Director of Program Development, Florida Chamber Foundation

Gail...Two great sessions! Thank you so much for the recent consulting services you provided to our board. You imparted knowledge, understanding and direction to make our non-profit a success so that we can continue benefiting the Guardian ad Litem program. The specific take-aways were very helpful. There is so much we need to do, and it can be overwhelming, but your sessions really told us it is doable and realistic and helped us with our focus for the near future.

Amy Goldin

Board Chair, Voices for Children of Broward County

Terrie, thank you so much for the research you did to find the right answer for us. Your work is so valuable and I always look to you as the best source of information on nonprofits - our Nonprofit Guru!

Shelley Gottsagen

Development & Community Relations Manager, Center for Independent Living of South Florida, Inc.

Wow...thanks for such good advice, I'll follow up with your referrals and advise you of the outcome. I sure hope to meet with you in the near future to pick your brain some more...your counsel is invaluable.

Lieutenant Nate Lasseur

Founder, International Firefighters Assistance, Inc.

The experience with FAVACA and the four-person team from CoreStrategies for Nonprofits that it sent was wonderful. The information and support CoreStrategies provided was a great springboard to improve our existing institution. The quality of the presentations and willingness of the presenters to serve us were outstanding. Fundraising has long been a challenge to us and FAVACA, through the efforts of CoreStrategies, has bridged that gap. We now see the way forward in this area.

Dr. Beverley Scott

Executive Director, Family and Parenting Centre

I want to personally thank you for CoreStrategies' outstanding participation in our national conference Saturday. All of the feedback has been extremely positive. Many comments were that this was the best national leadership chapter training we have ever had with so many great "outside the box" ideas in membership development, board training and fundraising. I know that we will be using these strategies in our local chapter and hope to invite Terrie for board training in the future.

Phyllis Festinger

Administrator, AIWF South Florida Chapter (Conference hosts)

Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into your presentation at our Board Retreat. I apologize for not having contacted you sooner to express my gratitude for your hard work and for helping a lot of our members to think differently about their roles in the governance of Lindenwood. I was particularly taken with the introductions section -- your novel approach required everyone to think on their feet. I was quite surprised at what came out during those introductions -- the exercise actually helped me put some pieces together in a member relationship and Board leadership sense. "Big idea" thinking was evident at our meeting on Saturday morning, and the Friday dinner conversation centered on a lot of the ideas that you presented on Friday afternoon. The charts that we developed can be used to remind the Board of our discussions and provide key content to the members who were unable to be with us at the meeting. You gave us some great material to work on. I have enjoyed working with you and it was great to see you work the room. You are a pro with a lot of valuable knowledge to impart. Thank you most of all for your patience and good humor. I also appreciate your offer of help as we move forward.

Nancy Calvert

Chairman, Board of Directors Mission and Purpose Committee, Lindenwood University

I've been receiving your On Nonprofits Q&A and I just wanted to say, thank you. The last three have covered subjects and issues that we have encountered. I find this Q&A format to be informative and helpful, as I wear many hats as the Founder and Executive Director of APHH. Receiving this information in my mail is a wonderful resource tool and saves me from sometimes having to search for this type of information.

Sonia Perez

Founder, Executive Director, Angel's Pediatric Heart House

I truly want to thank you for the presentation today with FAVACA. I gained such valuable information. We often think we know all the information, but you have given me so many things to consider, rethink, and modify. Although I have been involved with nonprofits for 18 years at various levels, I learned so much today. Thank you and I will be visiting your website as well as keeping in touch.

Roseline Philipp-e

Haiti Cherie Heritage Foundation, Inc.

Thank you so much for all of the planning you put into the workshop for the Haitian Hometown Associations. Your dedication to this program was incredible. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Angie Klouthis

International Program Coordinator, FAVACA

Thank you for such a fantastic, professionally run, and well thought through meeting! I left with so much enthusiasm for my new role at LBF. The challenge now is to develop the path as to how we are going to move LBF to its "highest potential!"

Terri Wallace Flannery

CEO, Leadership Broward Foundation, Inc

I really love the way you presented the information in your report. You make a solid case that gives the audience ownership rather than just a responsibility with no underlying meaning. It is a confident, thoughtful plan that answers questions and tackles issues. I have a great deal of confidence in both phases of this plan and it already feels rewarding to get to this definitive and strong starting point. It would be hard to explain to anyone what has gone into getting us here and I have an entirely new appreciation for the work that you do as a consultant.

Anna Constantine

Director of Development, Leadership Broward Foundation

What an asset you have been for us at the clinic. With the recent loss of our founder and CEO, your expertise has helped unite our board of directors in ways that are showing true long term results. You have helped us to re-focus on the critical and strategic areas while still allowing our unique personalities and style shine through! We have found your well rounded expertise vital in the development of our new or revised governance, board recruitment/retention and fundraising policies. Thank you and we look forward to our continued working relationship.

Sandra Lozano Barry

Clinic Director, Light of the World Clinic, Inc.

As the executive director of a nonprofit organization, the buck doesn’t just stop “here” but it often throws itself in my face from all angles. I have learned I can go to www.corestrategies4nonprofits.com and invariably find the resource, the article, the thought-provoking creative response to whatever challenge has plopped on my desk. I applaud CoreStrategies for offering this wisdom to our community so readily, so conveniently and so comprehensively. Thank you!

Elly du Pre, DPA

Executive Director, Lighthouse of Broward

Your leadership of our retreat allowed our Board to focus, clarify and set goals for the coming months and years. We were able to crystallize a mission statement and vision, and she helped us to understand many new ways to fundraise, people to contact and avenues to explore. We were extremely pleased with the outcome of this event. The organization has specific ideas to move forward and grow.

Amy London

Executive Director, Carbonell Awards

Over the past decade, our organization had lost thousands of donors. For us to thrive and even survive, we had to find out why and what we could do to recapture lost donors and engage new ones. Core Strategies for Nonprofits expertly designed and implemented the research that helped us answer those questions. Their meticulous analysis guided the redesign of our development model and marketing. The decision to work with them was perhaps the most important one we made in years. Now, we are optimistic about our fundraising prospects and our future. Thank you Core Strategies!

Irv Geffen

CEO & President, Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

It was such a pleasure working with you last week. Your guidance and wealth of information was instrumental to us as a board. We hit the ground this week working on new ideas, thanks to you! We wish you the best and look forward to connecting again in the future.

Danielle Zimmerman

Founder and Treasurer, Abi's Place

Miami Jewish Health Systems has experienced change in the recent past, including rebranding and repositioning of the organization. Gail Meltzer partnered with us from 2009 through 2012. She helped guide us through leadership and infrastructure changes in the fund development department that culminated in the formal activation of our Foundation. Gail acted in ways that made her part of the family. We appreciated her commitment and passion for the work done with us.

Jeffrey P. Freimark

President and Chief Executive Officer, Miami Jewish Health Systems

Robyn, I just want to tell you how fabulous this morning was. I am so motivated to reach out to nonprofit organizations. The 3 hours we spent with you was the best all week. You are fabulous. Your presentation "made sense." You really simplified everything which is so helpful. I had goosebumps at one point.... Anyway, I thought you should know how I feel. Thank You So Very Much,

Vicki Maxwell

Franchise Owner, Plan Ahead Events

On behalf of the Volunteer Association of Quindío, 'ASQUIVOL,' and the Departmental Council of Voluntary -CDV Quindio, receive our sincere thanks for your kind and timely collaboration for the IV National Meeting of Volunteering. We highlight the valuable participation and support you have given us through the four volunteers of FAVACA: Robyn Perlman, Terrie Temkin, Gail Meltzer and Carlos Zepeda, who shared in a clear and precise way their knowledge about the resources mobilization in volunteering. Thank you.

Efigenia Londono Grajales

President, Volunteer Association of Quindio, Tulia OCampo Torres, Coordinator, CDV Quindio

Thank you very much. We’re really motivated now. All your questions and advice were deeply inspiring for us. We know that we have a lot of work to do. We hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy Armenia; enjoy Colombia.

Felipe Garcia Cardona

Director Ejecutivo, Fundacion Equilibrio

Gail...You were faced with a group of skeptics, individuals who had "been there and done that" when it came to workshops because of their extensive involvement in nonprofit boards. Obviously from the evaluation and feedback you won them over. No easy task!

William Gralnick

Unit Manager, Community Relations, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Foundation

Robyn...Thank you so, so much. You did a great job. I think you both energized and focused some of my board members and gave us such essential information (on sponsorship) I know we will put to good use.

Laura Bruney

Executive Director, Arts & Business Council of Miami

Robyn, I think you have “the perfect touch,” especially when it comes to getting people excited about corporate sponsorships!

Ray Levi

Director of Development, Jewish Family Services of Broward County

Terrie's knowledge about board development and governance has helped point Riverside House in the direction in which it needs to grow. She has aided Riverside House in the areas of fundraising, board development, and governance. She was available for assistance with our board meetings and provided well-organized documents to ensure that the board stays on the growing path. The board at Riverside House is appreciative of her efforts at providing valuable input and direction. It's wonderful to know that Riverside House and its Board will thrive for years to come.

Cleveland Bell

Executive Director, Riverside Christian Ministries, Inc.

Gail finds solutions and makes things happen. She is a strategic thinker and, maybe even more importantly, a good-hearted person.

Sherry L. Schlueter

Executive Director, South Florida Wildlife Center

There are no words to describe how much I truly appreciate both of your professionalism and genuine kindness throughout this most recent career placement process. You have both demonstrated exactly why you have the remarkable reputation you have in our industry.

Richard Pulido

Community Outreach & Development Director, Florida Foster Care Review

Working with Core Strategies’ Terrie Temkin and Gail Meltzer to identify and recruit a major gifts officer was a pleasure. They are well-organized and well-connected within the community. Before searching for candidates, Terrie and Gail took the time to understand the needs of the Library Foundation. They also offered helpful advice on interview strategies. I was confident with the process and thrilled with the ultimate result – the hiring of a talented, passionate fundraiser.

Dorothy Klein

Executive Director, Broward Public Library Foundation

Terrie, please know how much I appreciate your participation in our governance process. I think we are on our way to setting clearer and higher expectations for board members and we would not have made this progress without your knowledge and guidance on these issues.

Michael Gosman

Executive Director, ACTS Housing

When Terrie wrote her last On Nonprofits, letting readers know it would be her final regular posting, the response was overwhelming!

We knew her Q&A column was beloved, but we didn’t know just how deeply. See what some of her biggest fans have said.

Hi Terrie: what a great email. It’s amazing how incredibly prolific you have been with all the Q&A’s… I’m just blessed to know you and have you as a personal resource. The community is also truly fortunate to have you practicing here and sharing you knowledge and wisdom. Here’s to continued good health, happiness and success in this new year and beyond. Look forward to seeing you around.

Stephen J. Parsons


Your columns will be missed. Wishing you the BEST at whatever will be happening on your desk and in your world.

Debi Hoffman

Hard to believe it’s been 25 years that you have been writing these columns. I know that you have a lot on your plate, but I have always appreciated your comments (yes, I do read them!) and I know that they will be missed.

Sharon L. Gorevitz

President, The Talmadge Company

Terrie - You are such a thoughtful woman, in addition to being brilliant and beautiful! I will miss your monthly words of wisdom but understand your decision. I hope our paths cross again soon. Best regards and happy 2019.

Bentonne Snay

The Snay Group

I only lasted ten months writing a monthly column for Charity Village, and that length surprised a lot of people. 25, wow! I’m so glad your wonderful columns are being archived and kept available as reference. You are so knowledgeable and I always found your thoughts insightful and worthy of consideration.

Jane Garthson

Garthson Leadership Group, Canada

Hi dear friend - You have impacted so many so positively! You deserve a rest! Thanks for 25 years of great information

Randee Lefkow

Independent Grant Writer

I'm so sorry to hear the news. I'm one of those who looks forward eagerly to hearing from you and love every single thing you write. I certainly can understand the weariness of the constant deadline, though! Congratulations on this new phase!

Jill Muehrcke

Editor, Nonprofit World

Hello, Terrie: I’ve always appreciated your thoughtful CoreStrategies posts; you and they will be missed. But, you deserve to explore the next chapter of your life and I hope it’s a very rewarding one. Congratulations on setting yourself free! I hope our paths cross in the near future.

Penelope Burk

President, Cygnus Applied Research, Inc.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We're retiring! Please continue to enjoy our resources.