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Blog Articles

The Community Still Knows Best

The Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan record $46 billion pledge – give or take – has had tongues wagging since its announcement. People are excited. This is the largest single commitment to philanthropy in history. However, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative will not be incorporated as a foundation, but rather as an ...

Boards Risk the Future of the Arts When They Ignore the Youth of Today

Terrie Temkin

I’m an arts buff. I love the theater, live music, dance, and the visual arts. You will often find me attending two or three plays in a weekend, or going to a museum and then on to a performance of jazz or modern dance. The ...

Recruiting Board Members? Mission Attachment Must Be a Key Criterion

Terrie Temkin

I recently attended the biennial nonprofit governance conference co-sponsored by the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership and the Nonprofit Quarterly.  As always, I found it exciting to hear the most cutting-edge research that impacts the work I do. 

I walked away with a great deal, but one ...

Now Is the Time to Start Your Bequest Program

By Irv Geffen, CoreStrategies Strategic Partner

Legacy Now Program

Could your organization use more money?

For most nonprofits, churches and synagogues, bequests are the most undervalued and under-accessed revenue stream. These end-of-life gifts can be used to enhance the quality of your ...

Is a Strong Conflict of Interest Policy Enough? A Morality Play, Act I


Terrie Temkin

The University of Miami and its president Donna Shalala got an early but ugly Valentine on February 13 when the community woke up to a front-page article in the Miami Herald entitled, “Shalala’s side job stirs up concerns.” It turns out that Dr. Shalala has been ...

Is the Arts and Culture Community on Your List of Potential Collaborators?

Terrie Temkin

Few would argue the value of arts and culture. The vibrancy of arts and culture within a community has long been a key indicator of its livability. Individuals and companies looking to move into an area frequently evaluate the number and diversity of offerings as part ...

Power to the People: One More Reason for Boards to Listen to Their Communities

Terrie Temkin

Smile Train and Operation Smile both provide (literally) face-saving surgeries to indigent children outside the U.S. born with cleft palates. Smile Train is actually an offshoot of Operation Smile, rising out of a difference in philosophy. Whereas Operation Smile sends doctors overseas to ...

Boards Your Chief Administrator Wants You to Learn and Practice CEO Evaluation

Terrie Temkin

Ask board members to list their responsibilities and most will include the supervision of the CEO. However, according to the findings of CompassPoint and Meyer Foundation researchers as reported in Daring to Lead 2011: A National Study of Nonprofit Executive Leadership, there isapparently a ...

An Open Question to Board Chairs: Do You Dare to Lead?

Terrie Temkin

Executive directors have thrown down the gauntlet. In “Daring to Lead 2011: A National Study of Nonprofit Executive Leadership” conducted by CompassPoint and the Meyer Foundation, only 20 percent of those surveyed reported being satisfied with their board’s performance. While a few of these ...

Succession Planning: Is Your Board Prepared for Transition?

Terrie Temkin

Everyone is talking about succession planning today. Much of the conversation is motivated by the large numbers of baby boomer executives expected to retire in the next few years. While this is a real concern deserving of our strategic attention, I have to ...

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