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Blog Articles

Are You Prepared for When Disaster Strikes?

Terrie Temkin

This past week news has centered on little other than the devastating impact of the earthquake in Haiti. The challenges of responding to this crisis are immense. More than one newscaster has claimed the task impossible, despite the outpouring of help from around the world, the hundreds ...

Giving to help Haiti

Gail Meltzer

The devastation in Haiti is agonizing to see. Most of us want to contribute in some way to help. Please be sure that your donation goes to a legitimate charitable organization and gets to Haiti to help those who need it most. If you are unsure which ...

IRS Issues 990 Guidelines to Its Agents

Terrie Temkin

It's time to start thinking about filing your organization's 990. As you undoubtedly know, the new form looks very different from that in years past. The IRS has been providing its agents with guidelines that will help them evaluate the completed forms they receive. We thought you ...

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