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Blog Articles

I'm Not Moving, I'm Stuck

Robyn Fern Perlman

So we're stuck. Why does it seem that "stuck" although not unique to the nonprofit sector seems intractable in many nonprofit organizations.  Why is it that we artfully craft mission and vision statements that reflect our desire to change communities, change outcomes and change the world ...

Should We Be Considering Professional Board Chairs?

Terrie Temkin

I recently returned from Australia where I facilitated a series of master classes in governance. While the US and Australian systems are similar, there are some distinct differences. One, to which I was introduced this trip, is a trend toward hiring professional board chairs. Though not wide-spread, ...


Patti Hansen

With the new social media, many, especially those of us of the baby boomer generation, experience nothing short of paralyzing fear when we think about meshing our public and private lives. We ask ourselves questions such as, “What if my students access my Facebook (FB) page? What ...

Should your organization use crowdsourcing and other forms of social media?

Patti Hansen

Crowdsourcing is just one of the many forms of Web 2.0 or what is being referred to as the new social media. It is a combination of the two words crowd and outsourcing. According to Jeff Howe, “Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed ...

Use Your Vision to Find Untapped Resources

Terrie Temkin

The March 22, 2010 edition of Philanthropy Journal featured an article with the headline, Business partnerships seen boosting nonprofit causes. But, how do nonprofits identify the most appropriate partnerships? They can start by turning to their vision statements.

A well-written vision statement will have a community focus, ...

Do your bylaws include board member term limits?

Patti Hansen

I would like to continue sharing some of the things I learned at the Boards in Action (BIA) Leadership Academy workshop I mentioned in my previous blog. As a newbie to the workings of nonprofit boards and organizations I am finding that many longtime board members are ...

Is Your Organization Ready for the Next Five Years?

Patti Hansen

In March of this year I had the privilege to attend the Community Foundation of Broward County’s Boards in Action Leadership Academy. The two-day workshop I attended was only part of an extensive 18-month program designed to assist area nonprofits in reaching their highest potential. Chuck Loring ...

Providing Value

Terrie Temkin

Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of International Management Development in the School of Management at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom, recently conducted a study of over 1200 boards from around the world. Fully 75% of those boards reported not knowing how they contribute value to their organizations. While ...

There's a New Normal in Town

Terrie Temkin

I’ve been hearing it for awhile, now… we cannot hope to hang on until things return to “normal.”  “Normal” has gone for good.  There’s a new “normal” in town and it only promises to keep morphing.  Regulations will become tighter.  Technologies will continue to change the way ...

It's Time to Judge on the Basis of Impact

Terrie Temkin

The end of the year is approaching and people are hastening to make their 2009 gifts.  Some generous souls will respond to any organization that makes an ask. For most, however, the process involves either going through the stack of envelopes received from organizations to which they’ve ...

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